Divorce Court or Mediation?

 When most people think about divorce, they think about courtroom drama, nasty allegations, endless arguing and rising costs. A contested courtroom divorce can take years. If children are involved, it often hurts them.  When you go to court, you are letting someone else make some of the most important decisions in you life. You are giving all of your power to a judge in a courtroom. Someone that can put the hammer down on you. Someone that can make court orders that neither of you want.  



 There is another way. Imagine never having to go to the courthouse. Imagine sitting down in a safe place and working out the best solutions to the problems of divorce. Imagine getting your divorce done quickly, effectively, and moving on with your life. Imagine you and your spouse, and not the lawyers or the court, dictating the terms of your divorce.  A mediated divorce gives you this opportunity.  



 Us Agree? You must be dreaming! We can't agree on anything. Why do you think we are divorcing? Why do you think we are fighting over the children? Well,the truth is that most people, with the help of a good mediator, can reach an agreement.  Even in "high conflict" cases, most of the time the parties end up making a compromise and reaching an agreement. The delay and expense of the courthouse process just wears them down, or runs them out of money, or both. I can help you though this rough time. We can work together to come up with good answers, make smart choices, and get this done fairly and quickly. 



Take control of Your life! With my help as your mediator we can reach the best possible result for both of you.  It has been proven again and again that agreements made with the help of a good mediation attorney stand up over time. Your negotiated agreement is always better than court orders forced on you. Let me help you take control and move on with your lives.