Mediation is an alternative to going to court and fighting it out before a judge. It is a great way to resolve the hard, often emotionally charged issues that are found in divorce and child custody and visitation cases. It almost always takes much less time and money than a traditional courtroom divorce. It results in much less frustration, anger and emotional pain than the typical "contested" case. 

How does it work? Both of you hire me as your mediator to mediate your divorce.  I work with both of you together. We work in a peaceful, neutral environment. I listen to both of you.  What are your concerns? What are your fears? Where do you see things that you can agree on? What do you not agree on? How can I help you work towards an agreement on the things that you do not agree on now? What is the law as it applies to your situation? Do you have to follow the law as the judge would have to if the case went to court, or can you agree to a different result? Can you make your own terms?  I will work with both of you to solve all your divorce issues.   If you want, I will prepare all the necessary papers that need to be filed with the court to make your agreement a court order and finish  your divorce.  You never have to go to the courthouse. 

The mediation process is confidential.  What you say to each other and to me during our mediation conferences stays private.  The mediation process avoids the situation where people file papers in court that say hurtful things about the other person and further inflame the already difficult situation.  Remember, most divorce court records are public records. That means that once it is filed with the court, just about anyone can get access to it.  Do you really want the work to have access to some of the most personal thoughts and concerns in your life? Take control over your own life and who makes the important decisions about your life.